Youth Development

Nkwali M Group has partnered with Afri-Innovate

Afri-Innovate is a non-profit company that focuses on alleviating youth unemployment through promoting youth development in ICT and participation in the digital economy. We strive to create an environment that supports growth and the realization of youth’s potential and dreams. Afri-Innovate seeks to stimulate economic growth and sustainable job creation through innovation, entrepreneurship within township enterprise development. Africa Innovate strives to create an environment that supports growth, and the realisation of individual’s full potential and dreams, that we may be impacted by one another in the development of sustainable local economies.

Our Core Values

The vision we share with the Afri-Innovate for Youth Development is anchored to our core values

  • Integrity – To operate in the highest ethical standards possible.
  • Empower –  To empower the youth with digital skills for sustainable livelihoods.
  • Respect – To treat everyone with outmost respect.
  • Empathy – To build cognitive and emotional empathy with unemployed youth.

Youth Development

We are committed to youth development and to actively addressing some of South Africa’s most critical environmental and socio-economic challenges affecting youth, through education, skills development, training and job creation. Our partnerships with local agencies, we are contributing towards growing an empowered and enthused youth sector in our country. The programmes focus on the development of a holistic youth leadership development model which includes training sessions on team building, youth activation, project management and financial management. We focus mainly on active and engaged young people from communities on and around the rural areas are trained in order to prepare them to form youth groups and plan and implement small social or entrepreneurial projects in their respective communities.

Afri-Innovate is a NPO that focuses on alleviating youth unemployment through promoting youth development.