Recruitment Services


Recruitment Services

Nkwali M Group will identify, approach and attract the best people in your industry then rigorously screen them to identify their suitability and what motivates them to wanting to join your organisation.

The Nkwali M Group Headhunting Retained Service is extremely detailed and client focused. We pride ourselves on our ability to effectively hunt down and attract the most talented candidates from across the country. Our retained service process begins by better understanding your business, corporate culture and recruitment requirements. The Nkwali M research team consists of highly skilled professionals with the unique ability to identify candidates within highly complex organisations. Our commitment ensures that our reach is national and our search efforts are fast, targeted and efficient.

The Nkwali M Group retained recruitment process guarantees to provide our clients with a shortlist of the industry’s best people within a guaranteed time frame, and then for the appointed candidate to remain in their role for at least 12 months. This way you are assured we have the capability of bringing you the country’s top achievers from anywhere in the country and that they will be motivated and relevant for your business. Nkwali M Consulting’s reputation is built on mutual trust and industry respect.

Executive Search

We differentiate ourselves by offering our clients a “hands-on”, timely and cost effective approach that emphasizes client communication and relationships, process management and quality control.

General Recruitment

Our process is absolutely meticulous. We offer a proven track record of delivery to our select group of clients. We are committed to our clients and offer a 24/7 service; we are accessible to our clients anytime for their emergency requirements. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are receiving the excellence we stand for and profess.

Response Handling

We are exceptional in the area of response handling. Once assignment has been issued, meet the client to discuss the role and agree on key criteria to include in the Matrix Summary of CV’s received.

Temporary Staff

We manage a boutique temp desk (junior to senior talent) focused on quality and not volumes. We have a readily available database of contractors/temps with specialized skills. We manage our own monthly payroll or alternatively our temps/- contractors can be placed on the client’s payroll if preferred.