About us

Who We Are

NKWALI M Group is a Training, Human Capital & IT Consulting company since 2005.


We believe in a comprehensive approach – becoming a part of our client’s business and knowing as much about their operations and challenges as possible. We want to support you in meeting your needs and most importantly achieving your goals in improving bottom line results and to sustain the competitive advantage.


We are a team of highly experienced professionals who strongly believe that people are the essence of any organization and commercial enterprise.


Our Commitment to You

To achieve your desired results, our development effort extends beyond the training room. We work in partnership with you to:

  • Understand your business and development needs
  • Design development initiatives and deliver high impact interventions
  • Develop and implement powerful reinforcement programmes
  • Track and measure for continuous improvement and sustainability

Our Clients

Each of our team members specialize in specific areas allowing us serve organizations of numerous industries. Some of our clients: