27 Jan
Human Resources: Combating Youth Unemployment Through Training

South Africa has an unemployment crisis, there is no mincing of words here. What is most concerning is the youth unemployment rate, which is predicted to be sitting at 52% as of 2018?

Whilst these seem like impossible odds to go up against, we at NKWALI M are sure that Human Resources can play a role in combatting this crisis.

The biggest threat is leaving the youth uneducated.

Whilst the country continues to see the professionalizing of many former “unskilled” jobs, many of the youth are left behind as they have no access to the education that can ensure their success.

Nkwali M knows that as a Human Resources group that has positioned itself with SETAs and Municipalities in order to offer training from youth who seek to be relieved from their current economic status, there are tangible results from training programmes that can lead to life-altering employment opportunities.

Giving the youth a fighting chance through training is of the utmost importance in today’s economic climate.

NKWALI M is currently training over 4000 youth in the construction sector and will continue to make youth development a priority.

Nkwali M

Nkwali M Group is both holistic and cutting edge, offering the best in Human Capital services.

Propelling Human Capital

20 Jan
Executive Human Resources
Human Resources: The Human Touch during the 4th Industrial Revolution

As the fourth industrial keeps bringing in new changes to the workplace it is important to note how the Human Resources function may be impacted.

Technology Supplements Humanity, it doesn’t Replace it.

Placing special emphasis on the “human” in Human Resources is now more important than ever because as much as businesses want to automate, they don’t exclusively want to deal with “robots”.  At the end of the day, a candidate is a person, and the decision to hire is based on a human decision too. Taking your candidates along the hiring process through automation will make your business easier to manage but treating them as humans to assure them they are not just a collection of data will ensure a more optimistic candidate. Hiring and interviewing can be set against criteria in the automation process but ultimately a person is not just their CV. The face-to-face element of the hiring process cannot be replaced by even the more sophisticated technology.

The new wave of technology isn’t just for the FinTech’s or the Mega-Corporations, automation has never been easier to implement, and many smaller businesses are utilizing this approach to make running a business more efficient. This can be said for the Human Resources world where it is increasingly easy to automate the candidate process.

Human Resources is Human after all.

Going into 2020 the Human Resources function, be it internal or external, is a median between the increasingly automated world and the people behind the process and it is essential to remain ‘human’ during these times.

Nkwali M Group is both holistic and cutting edge, offering the best in Human Capital services.

Nkwali M Group: Propelling Human Capital.

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